Scaffolding Cuplock System

Ledger-Horizontal Cuplock System

The ledger are manufactured from 48.3mm O.D. Tube with forged steel blade ends which locate into bottom cups of the standards & are locked in place by the corresponding top cups. Ledgers are available in various lengths to provide the desired grid dimensions for scaffolding or form work production of the ledger since 1997 has been from thinner high grade steel tube. This contributes to a higher ledger for easier handling, Ledgers manufactured prior to 1997 are made from the thicker wall tube & weight approx. 20% heavier than the weights.

Code Length
KIC. 601 2.4m Ledger
KIC. 602 1.8m Ledger
KIC. 603 1.2m Ledger
KIC. 604 0.9m Ledger

Cuplock System

This cuplocks systems has been designed to meet the requirements of the construction & housing industries. The success of scaffolding cuplock lies in its principal design features.

  • Speed of Assembly.
  • Versatility of Application.
  • Simplicity of Components & Their Connection.
  • Elimination of Loose Wedges.
  • No special Tools Required for Assembly (Hammer & Spirit Level Only).
  • Flow Maintenance Required to keep in top working condition.

Standard-Vertical Cuplock System

Cuplock spigotted standards are principally used in access scaffolding applications & also a base structure for form work support applications. They have cup joints at 500/1000mm intervals. The captive mobile top cups are designed to endure rough site handling & welded bottom cups are made from high-quality steel. Integral spigots, 150mm long, are provided at the top of each standard for making vertical connections. The spigots & the base of each standard incorporate 16mm dia. Holes to enable use of locking pins to join standards where necessary.

Code Length
KIC. 501 3.0m Standard
KIC. 502 2.5m Standard
KIC. 503 2.4m Standard
KIC. 504 2.0m Standard
KIC. 505 1.8m Standard
KIC. 506 1.5m Standard
KIC. 507 1.2m Standard
KIC. 508 1.0m Standard