Achieving successful project completions constant change is the major challenge in managing construction company. After agriculture construction industry is the second largest sector and scaffolding plays crucial role within the construction industry. Krishna Infratech India Company specialises in the design, manufacturing & exporting quality scaffolding for meeting the great demand of modern construction and maintenance business.


Today's construction companies depend on the safety,time management, Profitability & continuous improvement in design & technology. Construction industry, builders are acutely aware of the need to weigh costs against performance of arranging Framework & scaffolding for the project at hand can be tedious and time consuming.

Steel scaffolding offers major advances and completes adaptability, high strength to weigh ratio, all the cost effective prices. It is very inconsistent in quality and strength, the strong steel element products unequaled superior result. Assembly is quick at all accessory items are positioned and attached in minutes. Further maintenance on steel scaffolding is very minimal and has long life, so we can say steel scaffolding is one time investment and life time worth of money.


Krishna Infratech India Company manufactures a variety of wide range scaffolding materials which includes cuplock system, H-frame, steel plank, across span, adjustable base jack & U-head, base plate & fixed U-head, adjustable props, push pull prop, propex, wing nut, anchor nut, waller plate, tie road, swivel coupler, fixed coupler, putlog coupler etc.