Across Spans

Across - Spans

To support Centering Plates, Beam Bottoms etc. Without any intermediate support.

Manufactured from hot rolled M.S. Sheet, M.S. Rod, T-Angle M.S. Flats etc. The span is assembled together, one Outer and one sliding Inner to give variable lengths of span lock in any position.

Code Spans Min Max
KIC. 1101 ESO+ESI 175cm 270cm
KIC. 1102 SO+ESI 240cm 345cm
KIC. 1103 SO+SI 245cm 412cm
KIC. 1104 SO+LI 305cm 475cm
KIC. 1105 LO+SI 315cm 485cm
KIC. 1106 LO+LI 315cm 550cm